Hiring An Associate in Menlo Park

We (Silicon Valley Bank – SVB) are looking to hire an Associate/Analyst ASAP.  The position will be in Menlo Park, at our Sand Hill Road office. Relocation expenses are not included.

The individual will be working directly with the SVB team that manages our venture capital relationships nationally and our big data team.

You WILL learn the inside baseball of venture capital.

To clarify, this is NOT a VC position, so you are not making investments or sourcing investment opportunities.

You are working on projects/reports, doing analytics, supporting the team and LEARNING about the industry.

We are looking for a recent graduate with a BS/BA degree.

You need to have work experience, preferably in an area that is related to the position but that is not mandatory.

You have to be a team player but also have the ability to work on your own.   Great communication skills are imperative.

You have to be passionate about venture capital and startups, that is the MAIN requirement.  If you can clearly demonstrate your passion about the space via a cover letter, we will give your resume a hard look.

We expect the individual who is hired to stay within their position for two years.

If you are very excited about the opportunity to work at SVB and learn, please email me at sgoldman@svb.com .  Subject line: Associate Position.

By the end of July, will respond to candidates who fit the above description/requirements.

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