NFT, online offline

Several tweets today stuck out to me and they all involved taking NFTs from online to offline. I have actually been thinking about this for the past week I was listening to the NFT Community show on Upstream, the hosts are Alex Taub and Drew Austin, they were talking about NBA Top Shot, which are video NFTs of real NBA highlights from a game. The online to offline components was around having a potential new ability to only purchase NBA Top Shot NFTs from games that you have attended in person, meaning if you didn’t attend the game, you are not able to purchase a particular NFT from the game, which got me thinking about the opportunities the flow between online <> offline.

Below are several tweets related to online to offiline.

The first tweet is self explanatory, I did respond in the tread that a collaboration between OpenSea (NFT marketplace) and SwagUp (enabling swag / merchandise) would be really interesting.

The second tweet is about a NFT collection where I just recently purchased a piece, which are virtual playing cards, the get you into to cool real world experiences. I’m attending my first IRL experience with them next week, a rooftop party in NYC for their card holders. The offline component and extension is a collaboration with Select, a cool real world credit card, that gives you unique perks to restaurant, clubs, etc.

The third tweet was a brand extension with one of hottest NFTs right now, Bored Ape Yacht Club, which would allow you to purchase wine with your Bored Ape on it.

I think all of these are really cool new online <> offline NFT experiences. I recently went down the rabbit hole of NFTs and excited about what is ahead. Here is my NFT collection BTW.

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