It’s official , I have joined Brex! I’ve been sitting on this news for two months now, so it feels great to share it with you. I enjoyed my time off, it was much needed as I needed to recharge given the covid world we live in now and all the challenges around that. Was able to spend more time with the family and also work on some personal projects.

There are several reasons why I jumped on this rocketship of a startup.

Brex officially launched their first product to the world only three years ago! The first product was a corporate credit card for early stage startups and now they have a built a suite of financial services for ANY business from a one person consulting firm to a VC backed startup to a large enterprise. There is an exciting roadmap of additional products/services, can’t wait for us to share that with the public.

One of the reasons I joined Brex was the impressive background of the Founders and the mission of the company. The Founders are immigrants from Brazil, who developed technical expertise as teenagers and started a payments company there. The left Brazil to attend Stanford University but they quickly dropped out to purse their already developed passion for entrepreneurship. They got into Y Combinator and after a pivot, launched Brex.

A side note, my family has a special connection to Brazil. My wife and I got engaged in the city of Salvador and I bought the engagement ring in Rio. Many years later, we brought both of our children to experience Brazil as a family and looking forward to future visits.

Due to the Founders’ background, they have built an engineering and product led startup, with a focus on solving the financial challenges of entrepreneurs. If you look at the composition of the 700+ employees at Brex, almost half have a technical background. You won’t find many companies in the financial services sector to have this ratio of engineering, which I believe is critical in this quickly evolvoing industry.

Covid changed how we work and Brex was decisive in how they would move forward in supporting their employees. Nearly a year ago, they made a decision that they would become a remote company, meaning that going into a Brex office was not a requirement and that you would have a lot of flexibility on where you want to live (and work). This was an important aspect for me, having flexibility on where I can work/live opens up a lot of possibilities. While Brex is a remote company , they still offer physical space if you do want to work in person. In NYC, they have a brand new office in SoHo that I will be utilizing on some days.

Going back to the impressive background of the Founders, this drives who they bring on board. While I’m just joining the company, I have had opportunities to meet employees there and have been impressed on the caliber of talent in the organization. There are nearly 100 open positions available at Brex, so encourage anyone that is looking, to check out the roles. The team that I’m a part of will be hiring as well , stay tuned on that.

My role will be to work closely with Founders and their Investors, support existing products, help launch new products and listen to the community on what they want see from us.

Thanks for reading this far and ping me if you want to catch up IRL or Zoom. New email is sgoldman at brex.

3 thoughts on “Brex

  1. Congrats Shai Brex is a great company and we actually just opened our account with them and will be looking to use the cards for our shopping agents.

    Darius Vasefi – iOS app

  2. Thanks for sharing Shai. Spent some time in Brazil as well for work. We (Israelis) and many young Brazilians share lots of similar personalities. No political correctness, move fast, can do attitude. Was exposed to Camilla Morais lately and some of the Brex team. Hope to connect soon. Dash, Alex

  3. Congrats Shai! I know you are missed at SVB and the Brex team is lucky to have you!! Wishing you all the very best in your new endeavor!!!

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