2021, the year of many firsts

2021 ended up being a good year for me and the family, experienced a lot of firsts. It was challenging in many ways as well but wanted to document some of the positives.

First major road trip with the family (NJ to FL, over 3 days)

First time visiting Richmond VA and Savannah GA (stops during our road trip)

First time visiting Miami (love it there)

First time setting up our own Airbnb (we bought a condo in Miami)

First time on a hovercraft, family went to see alligators in the Everglades

First time for the family to go out boating, using Boatsetter was easy, totally recommend

First time seeing Iguanas , we didn’t know they were all over in Miami

First time getting the covid vaccines (two shots and a booster), so thankful for the scientist who created it

First time our kids played organized sports (they both took to soccer and excelled)

First time my wife coaching soccer (and first time for me being a sort of unofficial assistant coach)

First time joining a VC backed startup (thank you Brex and my colleagues there for the opportunity)

First time setting up my own investing syndicate & angel investing (4 investments now, 350 folks in the group)

First time taking the kids on a jetski

First time buying a NFT and also selling one for a gain! (special thanks for Alex Taub and Drew Austin for getting me into the NFT space, really exciting)

First time creating and launching a new team from concept to reality (thanks to my colleagues for the trust & confidence)

First time seeing a EDM show with my Wife, we saw Black Coffee at Brooklyn Mirage, so good!

First time catching a toad (went fishing with the kids , didn’t catch any fish)

First time our daughter went to an art gallery, we did a Dad/Daughter day, what a treat (recommend Whitney Museum in NYC)

First time eating at Bojangles (not really good, stopped during our road trip in Dillon, SC)

First time eating a Rao’s (a NYC institution, thank you Michael Martocci)

First time doing eFoil

First time meeting Aaron Hirschhorn, a great person and family man, who was killed in a boat accident in March. He took me and a few other tech/startup folks out to learn the sport of eFoil. I know his family and friends miss him so much, I appreciate the small amount of time that I had with him and he is missed greatly.

I’m very thankful for life, family, friends, experiences and opportunities.

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