Investor Updates – Email Template

If you have raised funding from investors, you should be providing at least quarterly updates, although I much prefer monthly updates.  Here is what I want to see from Founders:

  1. Specific metrics (revenue, number of customers, downloads, MAU, DAU, KPIs, churn %, etc)
  2. Cash position, how much do you have, what is your monthly burn and how much runway do you have left
  3. If your runway is close to 6 months, I wanted to undertand what your fundraising strategy is
  4. Product updates
  5. What is going well
  6. What is NOT going well (don’t bullshit, you need to be transparent)
  7. What do you need help with (what are the action items for your investors?)
  8. Current headcount
  9. New hires
  10. Open positions
  11. Press
  12. Other

Keep it succinct, you should be able to keep it to one page in length.

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