Long LinkedIn $MSFT

I took a look at my last blog post to see where the traffic was coming from, given that I shared the link on these three networks:  LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

As you may know, I use WordPress for this blog and there is some great analytics in terms of which channel traffic is coming from, what countries your visitors are coming from, which hyperlinks are most popular, etc.

To my surprise, the majority of the traffic came from LinkedIn, responsible for 55% of the traffic.  A distant second was Twitter with 11% and lastly Facebook with 6% of the traffic.

Within the tech community, LinkedIn it is the butt of many jokes, I’m guilty of some of this myself 🙂 .  However, I know a lot of professionals who use LI to recruit, hire, perform diligence and source companies, many of the best feature are of those paying for their premium services.  I would add that if you are creating content, don’t overlook this channel for distribution.

I’ve been spending more time on LinkedIn feed, it’s really focused on business, so can see what my clients and tech folks are thinking about and sharing.  The other social networks can be very noisy, the focus on business provides some good signal, despite all the “influences” and “visionaries” on there 🙂

Reminder, Microsoft purchased Linkedin for $26B in 2016, thankfully, they haven’t screwed it up and actually, it has gotten better from a user perspective.  I hope MSFT  ($1.2T market cap) continues to put resources into this platform, there is still a lot of upside.  BTW, since MSFT purchased Linkedin , stock is up 217% !

One feature that I recently discovered is people that “follow” you on LinkedIn, it’s a bit buried on the site, here is a link to it, this is what it looks like.  There are mainly people who I’m not connected to but they want to see my content.



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