We are hiring in NYC

Silicon Valley Bank is continuing to hire in NYC.  The office has rapidly grown with the startup community and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.

My group is hiring and am looking to spread the word to find a candidate for this unique position.

We are looking for a senior professional who will work closely with emerging managers (if you don’t know this term, probably not a great fit for the role).  

The role is focused on helping emerging managers with how they go to market, how they think through their fundraising process and connecting them to our network, which will improve their odds of success in this difficult industry, where 3x+ DPI is expected by LPs.  This role is not an investment position (in startups or funds) but one where you enable great investors and earn the role to be their trusted adviser.

This person HAS to be passionate about venture capital, founders, startups, limited partners and technology.  In addition to having the passion, this professional needs to have contacts in the industry, ideally with existing emerging managers and/or LPs who invest in their funds.

This role is based out of our NYC office at Bryant Park.

This professional has to have the flexibility to have detailed conversations with the four groups posted below.


If this sounds like you, please email me at sgoldman at svb dot com

Thank You

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