The $240 Billion Opportunity

This is a great time to be a startup in the broader software sector.  The image below represents some of the largest public tech companies and the dollars figures shown is their respective cash on hand.  This cash will be primarily used to acquire private technology startups.  In total, these 10 public tech companies have $240 BILLION in cash!  Go get the money!

7 thoughts on “The $240 Billion Opportunity

  1. Would be interesting to know why Apple has $48B in long term marketable securities vs. other companies that are mostly in short term marketable securities.

  2. The one caveat here would be that some of these companies hold a large portion of their cash outside of the USA and are not willing to pay the taxes that come along with repatriating that cash. If you’re an international tech company, say Skype, that’s great for you, but for US companies the actual number of dollars out there is probably significantly lower.

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