What is happening?

As of May 9, 2020, there are over 276,000+ dead people worldwide from the Cornavirus / Covid-19, 78,000+ of those deaths are in the US and numbers are still climbing with no end in sight.

Unemployment in the US is over 20% and increasing, with over 30M people out of work.

There isn’t a vaccine for the virus, there is a lack of rapid testing, a shortage of masks/PPE and continuing shortage of Lysol/disinfectant on store shelves .  There is no clear picture as to what the new normal will look like or a real plan on how we deal with the virus in the US.

Despite all the horrific news that is impacting millions of people, the US stock market (Dow and Nasdaq) have rebounded (for now) and many companies are performing well.  It has been challenging for me to reconcile what is occurring in the public markets with what is happening to Americans (and global population), it just doesn’t make sense to me.  How can the stock market go up with all this carnage?

Over the past week, it has become more clear to me why there is a disconnect between the reality we are living and why many stocks have rebounded quickly.  I’m not a public markets expert at all but I do know that a driver of the market has been digital acceleration across many facets of our lives.  I arranged a presentation, primarily to gather my thoughts and it is more of storyboard for personal consumption, so it isn’t perfectly formatted but wanted to share with others as I think some will find it interesting.  This is a working document for me, so will likely be adding data/charts/quotes as time goes on.  If there are other quotes, stats, charts that are relevant to this presentation, please let me know via comments below, twitter and/or email.

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