Maple is a vertically integrated food startup in NYC.  They launched in early/mid 2015 and recently expanded their coverage area to midtown , which is where my office is.

I really liked their packaging and quality of the food (the most important part).

The only issue I had was their delivery time, they had indicated 35 minutes but actually took 55 minutes.

I’ve tried the UberEats service multiple times but didn’t like the packaging of the food but their delivery times were typically less than 10 minutes, so super fast if you are in a time crunch.  It is a bit of a apples and oranges comparison as Maple makes the food and UberEats is just delivering (for now).

This is a massive market which is evolving quickly.  Looking forward to trying other services out, including Sprig, which hasn’t launched in NYC yet.

2016-01-11 13.09.04

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