One Trick Pony

I continue to have conversations with people who are not based in NYC and they are always surprised to hear that the NYC startup scene has startups in various sub-sectors.  When people think of NYC startups, they typically think of AdTech or Digital Media or Commerce.  As you can see below, there are many sub-sectors that NYC startups are gravitating to.

The list is not meant to be comprehensive as there are at least 1000 startups in NYC, wanted to provide enough examples of companies in their respective sub-sectors.

AdTech:  Appnexus, Collective, DoubleVerify, Indeed, Yodle, Yext, AdSafe

Digital Media: Buzzfeed, Comixology, Everyday Health, Tumblr, Say Media, Aereo

Commerce: Birchbox, Bonobos, Etsy, Fab, Gilt, Warby Parker, Ideeli

EdTech: 2tor, General Assembly, SkillShare, Codecademy, Knewton, Mindsnacks, Flat World Knowledge, Socratic Labs (accelerator)

FinTech: Kickstarter, BillGuard, Zipmark, CB Insights, Learnvest, SecondMarket, OnDeck Capital, FinTech Innovation Labs (accelerator)

Infrastructure: 10gen, Nodejitsu, Appfirst, Neverware, Datadog

Enterprise: SailThru, Enterproid, Lua,  FiftyOne, Movable Ink, FieldLens, Group Commerce, NYC Seed Start (accelerator)

Big Data:, Yipit, Chartbeat

Social: Buddy Media, Offerpop, Crowdtwist, 33Across, Thumb, Foursquare

Hardware: Boxee, Shapeways, Makerbot, Quirky, LittleBits

Health/Wellness: Fitocracy, Zeel, ZocDoc, DailyFeats, Force Therapeutics, BluePrint Health (accelerator), New York Digital Health Accelerator

Energy: Anellotech, Radiator Labs, Enertiv, NYC ACRE (accelerator)

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